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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise method utilizing mat work and specialized equipment with springs to create resistance. The method enhances flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements coordinated with breath. Applying elements from yoga, ballet, and calisthenics, Pilates focuses on core and pelvic floor stability, proper breathing techniques, and mind-body awareness to create proper alignment and stability around the joints.

Through regular practice one can improve posture, body awareness, proprioception, coordination, increase functional movement, and reduce tension as more effective movement patterns are learned and integrated.

Each session is adapted to go at the pace and needs of the student. Those with general tension, back or hip pain, pelvic floor issues, hypermobility, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Osteoporosis and much more will benefit from this approach.

Kara Stafford
Kara Stafford

Kara has a passion for movement and anatomy, specifically how the breath and the pelvic floor support healthy bodies and movement patterns.

This fondness began with dance at an early age and extended into teaching Pilates as an apprentice at the age of 17 at Balance Within Movement Studio in Redmond, WA. In 1997 she completed her certification in the Pilates Method from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Kara’s enchantment with anatomy led to a certificate and career in diagnostic ultrasound. Working in the medical field was fulfilling and enhanced her knowledge of anatomy but, she missed teaching movement and re-integrated teaching back into her life.

She holds a 200-hour yoga certification through Yoga Medicine (2014) and a 300-hour yoga certification through Jason Crandell (2017). Complementing the yoga, she found great insight in using myofascial release techniques to assist with improved muscle function and activation. She continued to study under Jill Miller; Kara became a certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher in 2020 and teaches self-myofascial release using the Roll Model Method.

Combining a love of movement and anatomical alignment for group and private classes, she hopes to spark and inspire joy and playfulness through her teaching while empowering her students to feel their best in their bodies through a personalized practice.