What to Expect at Your First Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Session


What to Expect at Your First Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Session We will ask you your story We want to hear what’s bringing you in, what your goals are for physical therapy, and any information that you think we should know. Your pelvic floor is involved in bladder function, bowel function, sexual function, and stabilizing your trunk and pelvis. We’ll ask you questions about each of these things to better understand

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Low Adherence to Home Exercise Programs Hurts PT Outcomes


Low Adherence to Home Exercise Programs Hurts PT Outcomes Physical therapists commonly give their patients a home exercise program. What's not common is the patient actually doing it. Even though compliance with a home exercise program has been shown to significantly increase the chance of meeting goals, it's estimated that only half of people do their exercises the way that they're supposed to. What gets in the way? Barriers to exercise Many of the barriers to

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5 Reasons You Need a PT to Coordinate Your Fitness Regimen


5 Reasons You Need a PT to Coordinate Your Fitness Regimen Physical therapists aren't just for people that are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider seeing yours. You Want a Baseline When you see a physical therapist to improve your fitness, you'll get an assessment of your strength, range of motion, posture and movement patterns. This not only

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Is COVID 19 Stressing You Out?


Is COVID-19 Stressing You Out? By Kari Osborne DPT As a physical therapist I am used to treating pain. Pain is often viewed as a physical response to injury, but it is very emotional as well. We can feel emotional pain from harm, change, and loss just to name a few. Many of us are experiencing emotional pain due to these and other reasons right now, and just like physical pain, unless it is managed, can

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The Truth About Posture


The Truth About PostureWe’ve all been told at some point to “stand up straight!”, but what does good posture really entail? Correct standing posture involves alignment of our spine and shoulders over our pelvis with knees and ankles stacked under our hips. It can feel overwhelming to try and maintain this all at once so try this: sit at the edge of a chair with your feet on the floor, imagine a string pulling the top

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Pelvic Floor PT from a Mom’s Perspective


Pelvic Floor PT from a Mom’s Perspective By Stacey Ellingson, PT, DPT When I was in physical therapy school, my program very briefly touched on the pelvic floor; we were instructed to learn the anatomy, offered a lecture, and then guided as “this is something you can pursue with additional education f you have interest.” At the time, I had no interest. I wanted to do orthopedics (work with backs/hips/knees/ankles) and I was content with that.

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Body After Baby


Body After Baby Childbirth is an incredible experience and the care of a new child frequently takes priority over the mother’s recovery. Many fail to see the all-encompassing impact of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman’s body. During pregnancy, hormones prepare the body for birth by loosening many of the important ligaments in the back and pelvis, therefore decreasing stability. These changes matched with abdominal wall expansion often have an

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Text Neck


Text Neck A recent study conducted by IDC1 found that 4 out of 5 individuals reach for their phones within 5 minutes of waking and then keep it with them for all but 2 hours a day. In this tech savvy world we find ourselves looking down at our mobile devices more and more frequently and now our bodies are starting to pay for it. When we look down at

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What is the Graston Technique®?


What is the Graston Technique®? The Graston Technique® effectively breaks down scar tissue and reduces inflammation that causes pain and restricted mobility. Used by therapists, the stainless steel instruments comb over and "catch" on fibrotic tissue, which immediately identifies areas of restriction. The instruments enable clinicians to treat soft tissue lesions with the depth, pressure and specificity necessary to affect the condition at the site of the pain, as well

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