Why Flex PT?

Why Flex PT?

There are plenty of physical therapy clinics to choose from. Why choose Flex? Most reasons fall into one of three categories: our mission, our team, and our approach.

Our Mission

To educate, rehabilitate and empower our patients to participate in achieving and maintaining optimal physical health and well being.

The Flex Team

Our team of therapists is among the most experienced in the industry, with deep knowledge of a broad spectrum of treatments and therapies. This depth of understanding helps our therapists provide personalized care, not one-size-fits-all treatment plans.
What’s more, Flex therapists provide thoughtful, compassionate care to help patients return to and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some patients have even told us they look forward to their sessions with us.

The Flex Approach

There’s more than one reason we’re named “Flex.” Besides the obvious health reference, “Flex” represents our approach to working with you. Flex is recognized as a preferred provider by most insurance companies and is set up to accept Visa, MasterCard. We offer flexibility in our treatment options, appointment scheduling, even our payment plans.

We know most people would rather not go to physical therapy. Our goal is to make your experience with us as pleasurable as it can be on all levels.

To set an appointment or learn more, contact us today.