“The care I have received at Flex has been outstanding. Their professional and effective treatment has kept me engaged in the activities I love. Thank you Flex!” -D.L.

“I want to thank you for all the good work you did on my leg and the encouragement, the magic spell you put on me to have a miraculous recovery over weekends which always worked and the good conversations. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your skill and knowledge and your great bedside manner.” -Shelly

“Thank you for being so concerned and caring, being professional, and taking the time to explore other possibilities. I feel that you really listened to what I had to say and didn¹t just jump to a conclusion. Your work really made all the difference in my life. My husband admitted to me that he never thought I¹d get better. What a joy to have him be mistaken!” -PR

“I would like to relate to you that the entire staff at Flex should be complimented on making an individual feel comfortable and that they are in good and knowledgeable hands. I had occasion to have a session with each member of the therapy staff and then had my majority of sessions with one practitioner. In regards to each I was made comfortable with what the procedure would be and felt that each therapist was without a question educated and able to conduct the necessary therapy for my recovery. I was and am impressed with their knowledge and commitment to their service to help patients.” -Susan

Flex Therapy is our first choice when we are dealing with sports injuries. Within a few weeks of personalized intensive therapy, the injuries have healed and our bodies are stronger than everThe Brown Family